Shuttering, or shuddering, I’m not sure which but I am sure that we all feel the same.  Uncertain times and a reminder about what little control we have over the big picture of our lives.  But we can control how we deal with moments like this.  Reach out and share - the good and the bad!  Do we love Facetime?!  What a blessing to look our friends and loved ones in the eyes and play show and tell, laugh, cry, rant.  It helps so much!  Maybe indulge in some hobbies that have been put aside for career and family.  Or finally clean that garage and those closets and donate your items so that their usefulness continues.  Read.  Play games.  Learn to make perfect cinnamon rolls ( one of my goals ). And go outside to get fresh air and clear the cobwebs.  Our birds are singing here and it is joyful.  It helps.

It has taken me a few days to settle in to this new world and closing my little shop was really hard.  After such a bad start to last year with the burglary and so much loss, we have just reached a happy place with wonderful customers and renewed visibility and then....  I suffer with and for all the other small businesses that make our liveable, loveable Lodi so unique and precious with that small town feel.  I hope that we can all survive.  To the best of your ability, reach out to small business in your community and try, try to help.  I know it may be hard and many families are taking an economic hit.  Let’s just do our best.

We are online.  We sell gift cards.  We are offering free shipping and local porch delivery.  We will survive this together.  Take good care my friends.

Jennifer and Carolyn

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